Member Testimonials

A Fair Shake 

“The Guild is one of the most important forces standing between reporters like me and the companies under pressure to deliver a constant stream of news in a 24-hour-a-day news cycle. Without the Guild, it would be a lot harder to get a fair shake for weekend and holiday work, and a lot harder to force a conversation about benefits and annual pay raises. I’d tell any digital journalist weighing whether to join the Guild that it’s worth it.”

-Siobhan Hughes, reporter,

Member Testimonials

Strength in Numbers

“There’s strength in numbers. As a Guild member you’re not just on your own out there. There are other people fighting for you. The reason I got a raise recently is because I have a union that fought for us. It’s not about making unreasonable demands, it’s about getting what you deserve.”

-Vaughn Johnson, sports content producer,

Member Testimonials

Working Toward Common Goals

“Spread-out workplaces and lack of face-to-face communication in digital newsrooms can be seen as barriers to unionizing, but a union drive can bring employees together and provide a forum to work toward common goals. At In These Times, the union has helped make workers like myself feel more secure in and committed to the organization, with a strong contract and an environment of fairness between employees and management.”

-Miles Kampf-Lassin, In These Times

Member Testimonials

A Path for Professional Development

“As the Unit Chair at the Daily Beast, I’ve seen firsthand the value of working in a unionized digital newsroom. The NewsGuild provides members with a path for professional development, has improved salaries significantly, and gives reporters and editors a voice in the newsroom.”

-Abby Haglage, senior writer/editor,

Member Testimonials